Park City, IL 60085, USA

Policy & Resources

A Beacon of Life for the Homeless


We support our members through recognizing their contributions that support programs and services designed to help people out of homelessness. In addition, the recognition to these members for the donations received will support the cost of the services to place homeless individuals and families in jobs, obtaining government assistance programs and the development of an affordable small home communities. With the help of other social service providers, government agencies and through our members, we seek to transform people lives by helping only those healthy individuals that are willing to find work or the unhealthy who are disabled.


We provide a variety of resources that directly help the homeless where we meet them on the streets. Our resources come directly from the contributions from a variety of members support and  government grants that together will aid and support the homeless to obtain work, shelter and food. In addition, the financial support from members and government grants will be used to integrate our services with other social service providers and job placement agencies to find immediate jobs that will provide enough income to keep them from begging while living on the streets or in temporary housing facilities. The support we receive from our members and government grants will create employment for individuals who are compassionate to help the homeless prepare and apply for employment. The independent providers will be equipped with the resources to help with short term hunger needs and toiletries, immediate job placement, clothing, help with obtaining State ID cards and P.O. Boxes to receive aid from government agencies and jobs.