Park City, IL 60085, USA


A Beacon of Life for the Homeless

Sanctuary of Hope first ever fund raising event begins October 1st. We are looking to raise $1,000,000.00 dollars plus receive matching funds from a Federal Grant to purchase a total of two pieces of land in Lake County, IL. , obtain 25 temporary RV homes on Wheels and will replace the temporary homes by building 25 (300) square foot permanent homes. During and after the completion of the permanent homes, the temporary homes will be moved to the next site. This affordable community of homes and temporary homes will help 50+ individuals and or families out of homelessness and will provide a place of sanctuary called home. We then will be planning on another fund raising event for the 2nd site where all the temporary homes on wheels (RV) will be replaced with new homes.  Most importantly each of the new communities developed will be property tax free and will be financially self sufficient. Any single donor will have the community named after the company or organization that contributes one million dollars.