Park City, IL 60085, USA


A Beacon of Life for the Homeless

Sanctuary of Hope fund raising event begins October 1st. We are looking to raise $50,000.00 dollars and in turn will make application to receive matching funds from the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program run by Lake County Human Services.

The funds will be used to interview the homeless by hiring individuals and volunteers that will assess their individual needs based on their willingness to work and their overall personal health condition. Visit our site and review our assessment questionnaire located in the home page and click on volunteer login. Sanctuary Of Hope will then obtain SSI government aid, enroll individuals in food stamps, provide emergency food vouchers, toiletries, clothing for the healthy and unhealthy. In addition provide a part time job for the healthy willing to work and locate emergency shelters or housing for every individual. Our initial plan for the $100,000.00 is to help the homeless become responsible citizens and be in a position to have some financial security to be used to pay for a home or room of their own with food stamps used to support their hunger. Please join our effort to make a real change in the lives of those less fortunate.

Our Fund Raising Goals:

Our goal is to interview the homeless one person at a time and then assess their individual needs based on their willingness to work and their overall health and or their inability to work.  We will then help the homeless obtain government services through using professional representation for the disabled and will offer immediate temporary employment to the healthy willing to work. Connecting the disabled with SSI payments will be used to support housing for the disabled. The part time job for the healthy that are willing to work will help pay for the cost of temporary housing until more permanent housing can be built. We are determined to provide the homeless with permanent single family housing. Our short term goal after this fund raising event will be to purchase the land and the temporary 25 temporary Recreational Vehicles on wheels that will eventually be replaced by small scaled affordable community of homes. Once we have completed this task the whole process will be to duplicate this process.This will be an amazing social revival starting right here in Lake County Illinois. Please Sponsor our vision, serve on a committee that will oversee your donation to further our mission. Your initial contribution and continued support will be much appreciated and will be recognized publicly.