Park City, IL 60085, USA


A Beacon of Life for the Homeless


Sanctuary of Hope is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) organization that will provide basic human services to the homeless as long as they are willing to work or are identified to have physical or mental disabilities. We accomplish this task by personally interviewing homeless people found in the streets by using an assessment questionnaire tool. The assessment tool does not directly ask the homeless individual if they want a job but will naturally draw out the individuals desire to ask or talk about the need to obtain a job. The questionnaire will also assess not only their willingness to find a job but their physical and mental state of awareness. Should any individual understand and answer the questions without ever speaking about finding a job then that individual will not be offered services at the conclusion of the questionnaire.

Sanctuary of Hope uses this unique approach to help determine whether the individual can be helped at the time of the interview.  Should any homeless individual desire to find employment then our organization will provide a temporary job to that individual. The temporary job provides the organization the time to help the individual obtain a more permanent job and make application for to receive governmental services. In addition, our members support services will provide essentials such as toiletries, clothing, and a temporary home to those that can work and those that are disabled. For the disabled who can’t work, our program will network and collaborate with human-serving organizations including educators, employment supportive services and skilled professionals like psychiatrists and disability attorneys in order to obtain the governmental supportive services. These programs will continue to financially aid the homeless after our initial services are provided.

Sanctuary of Hope plans to develop and provide affordable housing through fund raising events to help those individuals out of homelessness and from returning to the streets.  Our mission is clear and is different. We will provide hope for those that are willing to help themselves and look after the sick as if they were family.